Dmitry Makarov

I am a full stack developer with skills in design and implementation of system backends and frontends, as well as overall hardware and software product development process. I have experience developing and deploying complex systems tailored to customer needs and requirements. I’m passionate about technology and the ways it can enhance human lives.



Senior Software Engineer (April 2017–present)

Horns & Hoofs

Owner / Consultant (February 2017–present)

Providing technology consulting and product development services.

Verto Analytics

Senior Software Engineer (June 2016–April 2017)

Metering solutions development for cross-device digital consumer measurements.


Technology Specialist (June 2016–February 2017)

Part time product development. Technology consulting. I’ve also been overseeing and improving the product development process of the company introducing continuous delivery into the process.

Product Engineer (May 2008–June 2016)

I’ve been involved in all the aspects of product development of the conveyor belt condition monitoring system, which Mionex is producing and Sandvik is distributing. I was mainly accountable for the software part of the product: data acquisition, back-end, middleware and front-end. I’ve been solving the challenge of making the distributed hardware and software components work as a whole product.

I’ve been mostly utilizing C# and .NET Framework with accompanying technologies, as well as C++ and OpenCV with RabbitMQ in between. I’ve also participated in manufacturing, hardware and software deployment and maintenance. I’ve done product roadmap planning evolving the product according to customer needs and company goals.

I’ve also been assisting A.M.S. Accuracy Management Services Ltd with laser tracker software development.

Lapin AMK / Optisen mittaustekniikan laboratorio

Project Engineer (March 2012–September 2012)

Data visualization research and development.

Project Engineer (March 2009–September 2009)

Machine vision research and development: eHouse, ProPal, Oil Analysis projects.

Trainee (May 2007–September 2007)

Development of embedded machine vision platform based on Blackfn processor: VPX project.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Master of Science (2009–2011)

Design and Implementation of ICT Products and Systems.

Master’s Thesis: Industrial Metrology Product Development—Best Practices and Success Factors.

Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sceinces
(now Lapland University of Applied Sciences)

Bachelor of Engineering (2005–2009)

Information Technology.

Bachelor’s Thesis: Distributed Systems in Industrial Process Monitoring and Control.