IMD MBA Journey Commences

Being a rollercoaster, the year 2020 has been instrumental for me to get out of the comfort zone to pursue a challenging but fantastic MBA opportunity at IMD.

The majority would probably agree that 2020 has been an unforgettable year. At least I, having been on this Earth for the past nearly 33 years, have a hard time recalling a year this eventful, so chaotic, unpredictable, and impactful for everyone, with myself being no exception. Quite a rollercoaster!

I have been plotting to pursue an MBA degree for quite some time already, feeling the need to bridge the gap between my tech background and business subjects more intensively every year. When the time felt right, I have applied for and got accepted into a part-time two-year MBA program in a local business school, which I was about to start at the beginning of 2021.

The plan felt solid. The school is reputable; the program is affordable; I would not need to pause my career, and no moving abroad would be required. Was I getting too stuck in my comfort zone? Such a thought did indeed cross my mind, but I must admit, I’ve let complacency set in and did not question my decisions too much. Luckily for me, and thanks to the impactful year 2020, the solid plan did fall apart.

Earlier this year, my employer, anticipating hard times ahead, has significantly cut the research and development budget, terminated several teams in high-cost locations, and started moving engineering teams into geographies with less cost-prohibitive labor. While my team and I were not a part of the cuts initially, I did not doubt that it is a matter of time we are terminated. Attending a part-time MBA did not make much sense when my employment next year was questionable.

Having taken a fresh look at my hopes and aspirations and how I would pursue them, I have clearly understood that I must aim higher and at a properly global scale. The comfortable half-measures I have planned so far would unlikely take me where I want to be. I needed to challenge myself, get out of the boundaries of my comfort zone.

After a thorough consideration of various full-time MBA programs, the one at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, felt like just the right place for my next step towards my goals. It felt like a challenge worth putting in all the effort I have in store, which has been close to being untapped. Moreover, my whole team and I got terminated eventually, just in time for my next endeavor.