IMD MBA Journey So Far

The journey from application to finding accommodation has made me as confident as ever that I am making the right choice to pursue an MBA program at IMD.

Getting into IMD MBA is no easy feat with its rigorous selection process and the acceptance rate of ≈30%. I felt confident that I have what it takes, but would IMD agree? There was only one way to find out.

I submitted the application, which took me a few weeks to perfect, sat two GMAT exams—the first I failed, the second I nailed—attended the assessment day, and waited for a couple of weeks. The decision day has come. I’ve been impatiently checking my mailbox every five minutes throughout the day, waiting for an email but got an unexpected phone call from Switzerland instead. I got in.

Every encounter with the IMD admissions team made me more confident that I am making the right choice. Having experience applying for other schools, I can confidently say that the IMD application process is like no other. It is highly personalized with great attention to detail. The feedback I got after the assessment day was spot on—nothing gets unnoticed.

During the assessment day itself, I could feel the genuine interest the participants experienced towards each other. The conversation flow felt natural, and any nervousness I had before the event has wholly vanished a few minutes in, with barely any sign of it left. Getting the chance to get to know fellow candidates beforehand and the admissions team’s professionalism has undoubtedly helped me show the best of me.

The experience of moving to Lausanne has been streamlined and as stressless as probably possible, given the circumstances. IMD works with several relocation agencies making it pretty straightforward to find accommodation for any budget and taste. All the rest of the practicalities such as insurances, mobile phone subscriptions, and banking have been prearranged, sparing MBA candidates the effort to research those subjects.

I have started to get to know my future classmates in a group chat and biweekly calls, and I can’t wait to meet everyone in person. I have reserved an apartment in Lausanne, sold my car, and bought plane tickets. I feel like I am ready for the adventure ahead, which I am eagerly waiting for. The finance and accounting prework is keeping me busy meanwhile.